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#NeverForget the Elaine, Arkansas Race Riot and Massacre of Sept. 30, 1919.

Americans are quick to "Never Forget" the bad things that happen to America. September 11th is often "Never Forgotten," because it was a day that we were attacked. Americans are much less likely to "Never Forget" the terrible things that we have done, or that have happened in our country. One of those is the massacre in Elaine, Arkansas. When hundreds of African-Americans were murdered by their white neighbors and soldiers of the U.S. Army.

   African-American sharecroppers of the region had begun to organize in order to work together to obtain better prices for their crops. This combined two things that triggered the white southerners: African-American rights, and Unions (perceived as un-American bolshevism). On the night of September 30, 1919 a union meeting at a church developed into a shootout between the union organizers and two white officials sent to spy on them. This shootout sparked one of the deadliest racial confrontations in U.S. history.

Taking advantage of the Trump presidency

In the words of many political leaders, “You never want a good crisis to go to waste.” This usually refers to using a political crisis to achieve a political goal of a government leader or political party. It is time for We, the People, of the United States to take advantage of a crisis, and change how much power our elected officials have. President Donald J. Trump is bound to present us with an opportunity to investigate fully the powers of the Presidency, and we should take advantage of that to rein in the power of the chief executive. There have been many well-documented opportunities of politicians breaking the law, going against the wishes of their constituents, or involving the country in unjust conflicts. Any of those opportunities could have been the crisis that the People could have used to change the power structure of our executive branch, but nothing has changed.
    There is no doubt that President Nixon violated domestic, international, and human rights laws and n…