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War is a Racket

I just re-read the short treatise 'War is a Racket' by Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler. He reminds us that there are parties that are interested in war, and that will press for war in order to make money. A lot of money. He also reminds us that it is the low and middle classes that pay for wars, in both blood and taxes. This was written in 1935, after the First World War and describing events leading to the Second.1

    He proposed that war should require a plebiscite where the decision to vote is decided by those who would be called upon to fight and possibly die in that war. He also proposes a Constitutional Amendment that would not allow for U.S. military forces to leave the continental U.S. (and the Panama Canal Zone, in his day we were in charge of that), and for air and naval forces to be limited to operating within a few hundred miles from our shores. He wanted to take away the ability of interested parties to create a situation where the people of the U.S. wou…